Lakewood’s own Dirty Town Guitar and Amps to provide tour support for upcoming Sixteen Winters tour

When you're out on the road, it can be hard to search out and find the right music store that will have what you need in stock and ready to go.  But for his upcoming Sixteen Winters tour, G.S. Harper's on-the-road gear needs will be much easier to handle, thanks to the tour support of Dirty Town Guitar and Amps
"As a shop owner and musician, you can really get a good feel for the players are in your area," said Dirty Town owner Dennis Bielinski. "That said, there are players and then there are players who get it!  G.S. Harper gets it! Dirty Town Guitar and Amps is proud to sponsor G.S. Harper. His music touches and inspires!"
Dirty Town Guitar and Amps, located at 15230 Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio, carries a full line of parts and accessory products. And, they specialize in factory-certified repair and maintenance of guitars, amplifiers, and related equipment, used and vintage instrument and amplifier sales, custom amp and effects design and building. 
“Dennis has been a friend and supporter of my music for a long time, and I’m very happy to have him on board," said G.S. Harper. "This tour support will let me focus more on performing and less on worrying about how to take care of my gear. Having a place I can call back home that will be there to send me what I need, wherever I may be, is huge.  It’s a game changer where touring is concerned."