Winter tour is wrapped up, Spring/Summer about to launch!

What can I say about the winter tour? There were some absolutely fantastic shows, a whole lot of wonderful people, a good deal of laughter, and some very fine times. There were also a ton of sub-zero days, more than a month without seeing the sun, some food poisoning, a van stuck in the ice, a van broken down, and the witnessing of some truly gruesome highway goings on. In short, I'm really glad I did it, and I'm really glad it's over. Onward toward what can only be a glorious spring and summer schedule!

It kicks off tomorrow, with a show you can catch no matter where you are in the world! At noon Mountain Daylight Time, I'll be on KRFC FM radio out of Fort Collins, CO. The show is called Live At Lunch, and runs from noon to one.  You can stream it live at I'll be doing a little talking, and a lot of playing. Set list includes stuff from Sixteen Winters, and all the other records all the way back to Waiting For April. There will even be some un-released stuff from back in the Sinners days. Should be a lot of fun, I hope you'll listen in!

Spring/Summer tour for 2015 kicks off in Texas!  I'll arrive in DFW with my dear friend and bestest beer-swilling buddy Mary Cutrufello on April 20, at which point we will commence to spend a week kicking the snot out of the I-35 corridor. See the dates here on the site, and if you're around, we'd love to see you!

After that, it's up to MI to join Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils for the release of their new record Greetings From This Town on 5/2. Honky Tonk Throwdown VI happens in Detroit on the weekend of May 15 and 16, then I'll be joining Jenn and her Devils for a tour of Route 66, from Chicago to LA. It's gonna be one for the ages. Route 66 covers a LOT of ground, this is gonna be a great show, and chances are that somewhere along the run, we'll be within driving distance of you! Road trip!! It'll be worth it. I promise.

Stay tuned for stories from the interstate, and dates for the rest of the year.  There will be details forthcoming on the third annual Wigwam Fest, as well as dates for the southeastern US, and dare I say, Italy? What?!? Oh yeah!