It rained, and it poured, and now we're headed for Green Bay!

It's been a crazy week since the last time we talked.  I was in Cincinnati, and you were wherever you live.  From there I rolled down to Kentucky, where I met some really nice folks and had some amazing catfish.  I mean this stuff was so good I kinda wanted to stay there and just keep on eating it forever.  Alas, or fortunately, depending on your outlook, there were many more shows to play, so back in the van I went.

Back in Detroit for the historic Cardieux Cafe show, it rained and rained.  Detroit has had a rough time this summer.  Houses streets, businesses, all have flooded, vehicles have been destroyed, it's just been relentless.  Even where I was staying, we got water in the basement once again.  On the bright side, full power was restored to the house while I was there.  It's the little things.  You've never seen a bunch a silly musicians so happy to do laundry.  Clean underpants ARE a plus...

On Thursday of last week, I joined up with some friends for a run.  We loaded up the van under cold, grey, Michigan morning skies and lit out for Chicago.  The Reggie's Music Joint show went well, and although I hadn't been to Chicago in nearly twenty years, it was pretty much as I remembered it.  Met some nice folks, played some tunes, and generally had a great time. Touring with another band has proven to be a lot of fun, and it's nice to have company in the van.  On that note, if you're going to tour with another band, I highly recommend you hooking up with Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils.  What a great bunch of folks.  I don't think we can scrape any further into the bottom of the barrel where humor is concerned, but at least we're laughing!

Last night was Lee's Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis, MN.  I love this bar.  It's the cleanest bar in the history of the world.  If you dropped food on the floor, you'd eat it anyway.  No really, you would.  I'd have surgery on the floor of this bar.  It's pretty remarkable.  The crowd was small, but enthusiastic, and even though it was nowhere near a sellout, I'm gonna go ahead and call it a success.  Pre-show dinner was courtesy of my old friend Mary Cutrufello, and nothing short of outstanding.  We also stayed with her last night, and are about to have breakfast here, too.  This woman's hospitality apparently knows no bounds, and we're all feeling very appreciative.  Living on the road at this level of the business, is made much easier at times through the kindness of others, and they don't get much kinder than this lady.  Double bonus, I was able to twist her arm a little and get her to join me on stage last night.  Now THAT, was a treat.

So that's where we are.  I'm gonna stuff my face with a half pound of turkey bacon that somebody bought just for me, then we'll load back up again and head for Green Bay.  It's hard to describe my excitement.  It's kind of like going to Mecca for me.  I'm getting my picture taken in front of Lambeau Field, and I might cry. I really might.  Don't judge me...

From there we'll head back to the Chicago area for a show at the legendary Fitzgerald's, in Berwyn.  For those of you with discerning enough taste to be experts on 80's cinematic masterpieces, this is the bar from Adventures In Babysitting.  The room where Albert King made sure we all knew that "Nobody gets outta here without playing the blues!".  I'm kind of giddy about that too.

Lots of other dates coming up, including a very special show added with my friend Nathan Bell.  Check here for all venue and date details, and keep the shiny side up.  I know I will.