Snow, great shows, and some news about a "first time ever"; and I thought I'd done it all...

I really thought I'd done it all. I've played a stadium, I've played a laundromat.  I've played a coliseum; I've played a Sonic Drive In. I've played burger joints, juke joints, a hot dog joint, clubs, pubs, bars, living rooms, and swimming pools. I've played summer camps, band camps, hippie camps, never a prison camp... Hmmm... I might have to look into that.  As a guest only... Okay, I'm getting distracted again. Happens often to a bear of very little brain.  Anyhow...

Wednesday, December 3rd, at 8 p.m. EST, live from the Honky Tonk House in Streetsboro, OH, I do my first ever concert that will be everywhere in the world at once. That's right, I've mastered the art of not only being two places at once, but EVERYWHERE.  Hey, if Big Brother could do it in 1984, why not me in 2014?

Wednesday evening (or morning, or afternoon,depending on where you are), I'll be broadcast for the first time, world wide. Via the magic of the innerwebs, you can have a show in your home, office, car (put it in "park", please) or wherever you happen to be.

Log onto right here. You can be part of the magic that is modern technology. Huge thanks to my dear friend and Honky Tonk House owner/operator Jay Johnson for making this possible.  I hadn't thought of it; but he did, and did all the legwork to figure out how to make it happen. Buy that guy a beer!

I know it's the silly season, and money is tight, so there is no set ticket price. There is a $1 USD minimum, but really, it's all up to you. You pay whatever you want. Whatever it's worth to you to see the show. Just remember - not only do you not have to drive anywhere and pay five bucks a beer, you don't even have to put on pants! That's gotta be worth something...

And, with the crazy wild internet magic of Concert Window, you can also be part of the show. You can log on to watch; and if you feel like it, talk with other viewers, and even send me requests, questions, or comments in real time. How often do you get to go to a concert, ask the artists questions, and have them see your comments first hand? Much less get to be part of deciding what songs get played?

I've never done anything like this before.  But I love the idea, and I think it will be a lot of fun.  Log in, and let's find out!!

I was gonna say this next part if just for Cleveland folks. But hey, if you wanna drive, fly, or swim here, who am I to argue?

This Thursday night, December 4th, I'll be returning to The Beachland Ballroom. It's been quite a while since I've done a big Cleveland show. I've had a couple of small room jam-bush appearances, but nothing like this. Thursday night I'll be hitting the stage at the Beachland in support of Waylon Speed. Come on out and enjoy some tunes in one of the best live music rooms in America. You can get info, tickets, etc at

I'd love to see you all. I've been driving around in blizzards, trying not to follow the guy that smacked dead on into the wall (that was scary), playing some great shows from Kansas to NY, and generally having a great time. I'd love to share some of it with you.

Keep the shiny side up,