If Family Feud put the top ten answers on the board of "things people say when tragedy strikes", the number one answer would undoubtedly be- "I wish there were something I could do." 

Well if you're one of those people, this is your lucky day! Because this time you can help. 

I've often said during live shows when I introduce the song "August Day", that northern New Mexico is the source of everything good that has ever happened to me in my life, and it's the truth. That stretch of the Sangre De Christo mountains between Cimarron and Eagle Nest on highway 64 is very near and dear to my heart, especially the piece of range that is home to Philmont Scout Ranch. I worked four seasons in the backcountry on that ranch. They are my very best memories, and I even met my wife while working there. My father's ashes are scattered in Cimarron Canyon. It's HOmE. 

Right now that range is on fire. Nearly thirty thousand acres of it at last count. Not only is the land so very important to me, but I have people there as well. My mother lives in Cimarron, and I have many dear friends in the affected area. They're all safe, they've been evacuated. But their property, and livelihoods may not be as they were for a very long time. 

You can all relate the horrific effects of a house or barn fire. Now imagine thirty thousand acres burning. 

My new song "Praying For Rain" was written this week, specifically to give folks far away an avenue to help their fellow humans. 

It's a two dollar download, and 100% of the proceeds brought in during the 2018 summer season will go directly to relief efforts in the wake of this fire. 

Please help out if you can, and please spread the word. The mountains and their people need you. 

Thanks so much, 
GS Harper