1. Peace of Mind

From the recording Sixteen Winters

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It snowed a lot in Cleveland here this winter
And I’m cold and tired, but it’s always been this way
Sometimes it’s just too much and I get homesick
And a whisperin’ from the southland, will take my mind away

But it’s been years now since I’ve been back
And years more since I cared
Cause I know that old town ain’t going nowhere

It’s always gonna be there
And it’ll always look the same
Just a couple more gas stations here and there
But you know I’m not ashamed
To tell folks that’s where I come from
Even though I ain’t been back
Guess I needed more to show for twenty years
Than a two bit pension, and a heart attack

But I ain’t never said I’m better, than the folks I left behind
Just had to find myself, a little peace of mind
Peace of mind

Well the weather’s getting warm now
And it’s going to my head
And I’m thinking that it’s high time
I pulled these bones up out of bed
Take that drive out past the lake shore
And maybe this time I won’t stop
Well I got friends in Colorado
And today that don’t seem like such a hop

But I’ll never say I’m better, than the folks I’ll leave behind
And I’ll wish for them all that someday they may find
Just a little peace of mind