From the recording Sixteen Winters

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Used to play baseball, in the vacant lot next door
Or ride my bike two hours, to the town and country store
Last time that I went home, that little town was all abuzz
They put a Wal-Mart where that store stood, and a freeway where my treehouse was

Boxes of pictures and letters, from all those childhood friends
Fragmented pieces of stories, that never had an end
Years go by, memories fade, but you know I can’t pretend
I don’t think about it, every now and then

I got older, and I met a girl
She turned my life upside down and then she destroyed my world
I could have saved her, but I never even tried
And the only time she told the truth, was the day that she told me goodbye

She always did her best to keep me wrapped up in suspense
And I tried my best to play along, but the daylight made me way too tense
And most days I remember things I’d just as soon forget
But if you see her, won’t you please, please, tell her-
Best regards and no regrets