From the recording New Mexico Dirt

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I wish I was a bird up in the sky
I'd be watching all of you as you shuffle on by
On the way to your jobs, on the way to your soccer match games
I wouldn't care where you were going
And I'd never have to learn your names

I wish I was a snake in the tall cool grass
Wouldn't care about the president or military brass
Or the war over there
Or what it is we're fighting for
I'd just care about snake stuff, mama can I have some more

I'd like to be a wolf with a cry so blue
Just the sight of me, would send a shiver through you
I'd come up on your porch, and watch you shake like a fraidy cat
I'd scare the pants off you
I'd never eat you but you don't know that

I'd like to be a worm in the damp black earth
Just a squirmin' through the dirt form the moment of birth
Aerating your soil,
and growing your tomatoes and corn
Til the bird form the first verse got me on an early morn

I could be a trout, swimming in a brook
I wouldn't fear illegals or the white collar crooks
My only enemy,
Would be a fly with a little brass hook
But when you're a fish, its hard to find the time to read a good book

So maybe I'll just stay right where I'm at
With my pen and my notebook and my country boy hat
There's no birds, or wolves, or snakes, and the books are all dry
It ain't easy being me
But I'm here so I might as well try